Polar Bear Plunge

This annual event is an opportunity for families and the community to gather and wash away with the bad and welcome in the new. The New Years is a time to celebrate and prepare for what the year can bring. Join in on this free event with challenging one another to slide into the arctic chill. This leap of faith will build out community and makes us stronger for one another.

WhereStafford Aquatic Center 1823 WESTOVER RD TIFTON GA 31793

WhenJanuary 1, 2025 at 11:00AM



The TIFTAREA YMCA proudly hosts the Polar Bear Plunge event for other Not For Profit Organizations in our area. Each of  our contestants will compete against each other to raise the most money for their charity. The individual raising the most for his or her charity, with the stipulation that they must slide down into plunge pool, will receive 100% of the proceeds. Any other charities will receive a 50% split with the TIFTAREA YMCA, if their corresponding representative takes the frigid plunge. 11

Tiftarea YMCA Polar Bear Donation Leaderboard

1st     Sam Wright

2nd    Russ Flowers

3rd      Vicki Taft

4th      Bret Wagenhorst 

5th      Kim Royal 

6th      Mac Sims & Nick McLellan

7th      David Pollock

Please Read Prior To Donating

Below are the 2024 campaigners for the organizations in our community.  Once you have determined who you would like to make the donation to select their picture, and it will direct you to the donation page.

Once you have been directed to the donation page, you will then enter in the amount you would like to donate to their campaign, and fill out the required fields before hitting the submit button.  If you have any questions please contact us at 229-391-9622.

David Pollock

YMCA Pickleball scholarships

Bret Wagenhorst

Meals on Wheels

Russ Flowers

Tift County Foundation for Educational Excellence

Sam Wright

Brother Charlie’s

Nick McClellan

Families For Christ (FFC)

Mac Sims

Steadfast Wildlife Rescue In.

Vicki Taft

Tiftarea Hospice

Mike Beeman

ABAC Foundation

Kim Royal

Union Dream Center