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Level 1 – Water Acclimation
This class introduces your pre-school or school age swimmer to the basics of swimming and water safety. Child will begin to learn skills such as floating with assistance, gliding, kicking, bubble blowing, entering and exiting the water safely, and water safety skills.
Level 2 – Water Movement
This class continues your pre-school or school age swimmer’s work on floating unassisted, submersion, gliding, treading water, progression through the water, and water safety skills.
Level 3 – Water Stamina
In this class your pre-school or school age swimmer will continue to increase their movement through the water both on front and on their back. It is necessary that your child be able to float on front and back unassisted, glide unassisted, be able to tread water for 10 seconds, and be comfortable submerging into chest deep water before registering for this class.

Level 4 – Stroke Introduction
This class begins your school age swimmer’s progression into competitive swim strokes. They will begin introducing diving, breaststroke and butterfly kick, back stroke, freestyle with rotary breathing and begin to build their endurance in the water.
Level 5 – Stroke Development
During level 5 your school age swimmer will build their endurance and knowledge with their competition level storks. Before entering this class your child must be able to swim 25 yards (one length) of the pool unassisted. Swimmers will begin to complete the breaststroke and butterfly, and begin perfecting their freestyle and back stroke. Diving will progress to a kneeling position.
Level 6 – Stroke Mechanics
At this level your swimmer will be ready to progress onto the swim team if they so choose. To register for this level your swimmer must be able to swim 50 yards (two lengths) of the pool unassisted in backstroke and in freestyle. Swimmers will continue work on endurance and to correct and adjust the mechanics of their strokes. Diving progresses to a standing position and your child will begin to learn the new pathways open to them within the world of swimming – Competition, Leadership (lifeguarding), or Recreation.

One-on-one instruction with a swim instructor. Lessons are 30 minutes and offered at the Tiftarea YMCA. To register at the Tiftarea YMCA please contact the Aquatics Department brett@tiftareaymca.org

Level A & B. This class teaches water introduction through positive parent and child interaction. The goal of this class is to help your swimmer get accustomed to the water and basic water skills.